Water Smart Landscape Program Rebates

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The Water Smart Landscapes (WSL) rebate program offers financial incentives to residential and commercial customers in the SNWA service area who replace water-thirsty grass with water-efficient landscaping. Since the majority of Southern Nevada’s water is used outdoors on landscaping, the WSL program targets the largest consumptive use of water.

The authorized spending can provide rebates for approximately 5 million square feet of nonfunctional turfgrass each year. To sustain results, participants in the program must grant a conservation easement that promises the project will be sustained in perpetuity.

The SNWA is authorized to spend approximately $152.3 million over the next 10 years on the WSL rebate program. In 2021, Nevada’s Governor signed a law prohibiting the use of Colorado River water to irrigate unused, decorative grass in Southern Nevada. This funding will be instrumental in helping commercial parks, HOAs and other property owners become compliance with the law and replace their water thirsty, unused turf.