Horizon Lateral

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Approximately 40 percent of the residents and businesses in the southern portion of the Las Vegas Valley are currently served by the South Valley Lateral, which is projected to near capacity by 2034. The single-feed transmission lateral does not have redundant facilities to provide back-up water service to the area, highlighting the need for an additional lateral to ensure future reliability and system capacity.

To ensure system redundancy and reliability in the south part of the valley, and to support Southern Nevada’s economic development, the SNWA is developing plans for the Horizon Lateral, which will increase the transmission system capacity from the current 306 million gallons per day (MGD).

The Horizon Lateral project is expected to include:

  • Approximately 24 miles of pipeline ranging between 72 and 120 inches in diameter
  • Approximately 7 miles of tunneling
  • 2 Pump Stations
  • 40 Million Gallon Reservoir(s)
  • Rate-of-Flow Control Stations

The Horizon Lateral is estimated to cost approximately $1.6 billion and is estimated to be put into service in 2032.