Southern Nevada Water Authority Projects Overview

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The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) is responsible for managing the region's water resources and providing for Las Vegas Valley residents' and businesses' present and future water needs.

This includes establishing water conservation, sustainability and water-quality programs, acquiring and managing water resources and treating and transmitting water to member agencies.

To meet this responsibility, the SNWA is involved with a wide variety of projects, acquisitions, and initiatives addressing various objectives.


System expansion projects generally comprise of new water facilities to meet anticipated future water demands and deliver water in areas that have yet to be constructed. They also consist of projects to increase our renewable energy resources and maximize the sustainable use of Colorado River water supplies. Major system expansion projects total approximately $1.9 billion and include:

  • The Horizon Lateral — a large transmission pipeline and related conveyance facilities to improve reliability and increase capacity for the southern portion of the Las Vegas Valley
  • Water and wastewater systems in Garnet Valley, an industrial complex just north of the Las Vegas Valley
  • A large-scale solar energy project

Southern Nevada's water system consists of intake, transmission, treatment and wastewater processes. Over the years, the SNWA has undertaken significant construction projects to ensure that these systems work as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Water resource projects consist of resource acquisition and water conservation efforts that require capital funding but not necessarily the construction of facilities. One of the SNWA’s most critical long-term conservation investments, the Water Smart Landscapes rebate program, falls within this category. Major water resources and conservation components total approximately $1.1 billion and include:

  • Water resource development opportunities with other Colorado Basin states and Mexico
  • The Water Smart Landscapes rebate program
  • Virgin and Muddy River water resource acquisition
  • Water banking


Ongoing investment in system repairs, maintenance efforts and upgrades are required to successfully maintain a world-class water system. These projects help ensure a safe and reliable water supply to Southern Nevada residents and businesses. These projects total approximately $213.3 million and include:

  • System reliability upgrades
  • Ozone equipment upgrades
  • Water treatment facility filter replacement
  • Construction of an in-valley maintenance shop
  • Upgrading enterprise asset management software
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system replacement